The Morlais Demonstration Zone Order (TWA-3234121)

An application for the above order (the “Order”) has been submitted by Menter Môn Morlais
Limited (“Menter Môn”) to the Welsh Ministers.
The assumed Open Space land within the Order comprising two plots identified in the Order
Schedule as follows:
• Plot 1 as 14,232 sqm or thereabouts, of foreshore between mean high water and mean low
water, at Ynys Lawd, Holyhead, and
• Plot 3a as 3,384 sqm or thereabouts, of cliffs and foreshore above high water mark, land
adjoining Tŷ Nant, South Stack, Holyhead
which plots are shown shaded edged red on the enclosed plan.

The Welsh ministers have now awarded this certificate. Please find enclosed the documentation
confirming the award of the certificate.